Washing Instructions


Silk should be dry or hand cleaned using a mild detergent. Dip your product in lukewarm water while slightly stirring the fabric during washing; after a maximum of 5 minutes rinse the fabric in cold water without wringing! To remove all residues of soap you can help yourself by adding a tablespoon of white wine vinegar to the water. Wrap the product in a dry towel to remove the remaining water layer, unroll the towel and slightly stretch the angles. Lay the product flat to dry. Silk should always be ironed on the reverse side when still slightly moist, at low temperature and without using water. Apply the same procedure for washing the silk and cotton garments.


You can wash the linen and cotton bedding and nightwear in the washing machine at 60 degrees if white, at 40 degrees if coloured, with a medium spinning programme. The bright hues can leave traces of colour during the first washes, so that they should preferably be washed separately. The sheets made of particularly delicate fabrics should be washed at 30 degrees; if adorned with embroidery or flounces, they should preferably be placed in the washing machine inside a suitable network container to protect them from any damage. The linen-silk and cotton-cashmere sheets can be machine washed up to 40° using programmes and detergents suitable for delicate products without leaving the product to soak for too long. Always iron wet textiles at medium temperature.