Our Story

The Olga Frua Collection has its origins in the excellence of the Italian handcraft heritage, which it revives, combining handmade processes, typical of the trousseau tradition, such as ajour embroidery, with contemporary style, sensibility and technologies.

The fabrics, of the highest quality and strictly made in Italy, are lightweight, natural, and comfortable, combined into innovative compositions that provide absolutely new tactile and visual sensations. Not only linen, not only cotton, but also cashmere and especially silk in satin and chiffon workmanships to make each garment even more sought-after and to ensure the best possible conditions for an ideal sleep.

The Olga Frua collection is a dream come true, a dreamlike vision. Memories, passions and desires are turned into materials, colours and shapes: a true “ars dormiendi” (art of sleeping) to live romantically in the intimacy of the night with the refined elegance of a discreet, sensory, and poetic luxury. An unconcerned dream, to rebalance your energy, rest your body, relax your mind, and soothe your soul: this is the vision of Olga Frua.