Our Materials

All our fabrics are lightweight, natural and comfortable. Excellent yarns and innovative compositions have especially been designed in order to ensure the best possible conditions for an ideal sleep.


Silk is an animal fibre: soft and bright, it's one of the noblest fibres, extremely comfortable to wear. Olga Frua silk is produced entirely in northern Italy and crafted in the vicinity of Como.

Linen Silk

The harmonious combination of linen and silk is much more than a simple coupling between fibres of different nature in the twisting of a spinning or between the mechanisms of a loom: it is the meeting between East and West, between sunrise and sunset, between masculine and feminine, between past and future, between pleasure and peace.

Cotton Silk

A graceful encounter between a bright line of silk satin and a mat line of cotton, which run after each other, side by side on the structure of the tissue.


Olga Frua cotton is silky, smooth and dry to the touch: we choose the best available fibres, to create a fabric of no less than 300 threads per square inch called percale.


Linen is a vegetable fibre, used by mankind for millennia. It evokes situations of past times, memories with a scent of freshly laundered clothes and lavender-flavoured dreams. It has a flexible and durable texture, and feel smooth on the body.


The perfect harmony between silk and cotton. Made of 40% silk and 60% cotton, it has both a glossy and a matt effect: special and unique, gently embrace the body and drives the wearer in dreamland.